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Marine Corps Aircraft Squadron Designations
Note - The US Navy and US Marine Corps use the same letter designations except that the second letter "M" is added on all Marine Corps aircraft squadrons.
First Letter Second Letter Third Letter Fourth Letter
Tactical Attack Attack
B Bomber Bombing
C Composite
D Photo Reconnaissance
E Evacuation
F Fighter Ferrying
G Aerial Refueling
H - rotary wing aircraft Heavy
J Utility Special Purpose Jamming
L Light
M  U. S. Marine Corps Medium  Tilt-wing
O Observation
P Patrol
Q Electronic Warfare
R Transport Transport
S Submarine Search Scout
T Torpedo
U Unmanned airborne vehicle
V - fixed wing aircraft
W Wing Headquarters
X Experimental
Z - lighter than air
(AW) - All weather
(N) - Night

Marine Aviation Squadronand Aviation Abbreviations
ACE Aviation Combat Element
DASC Direct Air Support Center
DASC(A) Direct Air Support Center (airborne)
FAC Forward Air Controller
FAC(A) Forward Air Controller (airborne)
H&HS Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron
H&MS Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron **redesignated MALS about 1988
HMA Marine Attach Helicopter Squadron
HMH Marine Heavy Helcopter Squadron
HML Marine Light Helicopter Squadron
HMLA Marine Light Attact Helicopter Squadron
HMR Marine Transport Helicopter Squadron
HMR(L) Marine Transport Light Helicopter Squadron
HMM Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron
HMX-1 Marine Helicopter Squadron - One
LAAD Low Altitude Air Defense
MABS Marine Air Base Squadron
MACCS Marine Air Command and Control System
MACG Marine Air Control Group
MACS Marine Air Control Squadron
MALS Marine Aircraft Logistical Squadron
MAG Marine Aircraft Group
MAGTF Marine Air Ground Task Force
MASS Marine Aircraft Support Squadron
MATCD Marine Air Traffic Control Detachment
MAW Marine Aircraft Wing
MTACS Marine Tactical Air Control Squadron
MWCS Marine Wing Communications Squadron
MWHS Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron
MWSG Marine Wing Support Group
MWSS Marine Wing Support Squadron
TAC Tactical Air Coordinator
TACC Tactical Air Command Center
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TAOC Tactical Air Operation Center
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
VF-IM Fighter Squadron 1 Marines  **redesignated from 3rd Air Squadron in 1922
VF-2M Fighter Squadron 2 Marines  **activated in 1925
VF-5M Fighter Squadron 5 Marines  **redesignated from VF-2M
VF-9M Fighter Squadron 9 Marines  **redesignated from VF-5M in 1930
VMA  Marine Attack Squadron
VMA-247 this is the fictional squadron featured in John Wayne's movie "The Flying Leathernecks".  There is no official unit insignia. However, the 'Flying Leathernecks Museum' at MCAS Miramar has designed, copyrighted, and printed this unit patch.  The patch may be obtained thru the museum. All proceeds go to maintenance and historical research at the museum.
VMB Marine Bomber Squadron
VMAQ Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
VMCJ Marine Composite Electronic Special Purpose Squadron
VMCR there are news releases and unofficial accounts of a VMCR squadron operating in Vietnam in 1965, and Iceland in 1983 but I can find no other references nor unit logos. Probably a typo for VMGR, which was active in those areas during those  times.
VMD Marine Photographric/Reconnaissance Squadron
VMF Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron  **redesignated VMFA in 1963
VMFA Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron (All Weather)
VMGR Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron
VMJ Marine Transport Squadron  **redesignated VMR in 1944
VMM Marine Medium Tilt-wing Squadron
VMMT Marine Medium Tilt-wing Training Squadron
VMR Marine Transport Squadron
VMU Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron
Marine Corps Warfighting Publication 3-2
Scuttlebutt and Small Chow, Marine Corps Historical Network
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